Monthly Unit


Dear Parents,                                                September  2023

Again, a warm welcome to our classroom J Every month, you will receive a letter informing you what our monthly unit will contain, what books we will read and what concepts we are learning. The letter will also give you information on up-coming events such as class parties, school closings, conference dates, etc. I look forward to a year filled with new experiences, learning and lots of laughter.

We are starting the year off with getting to know our new friends, learning our school and classroom rules and exploring our new school environment. Some of the books we will read include Maisy Goes to Preschool, Llama Llama Misses Mama,  I am a Good Listener, Let’s get Ready for School, The School Day, and  My Backpack.

The month of September will also be All About Me. This includes I am Special, senses (eyes, ears, hands) and body parts. We will use lots of hands-on activities to explore our senses, finger paint, draw a self portrait, and dot paint a picture frame for our family picture. The books we will read include I am Special, I like Me, From Head to Toe, The Family Book,­­­ I Can Do It, and Toes, Ears and Nose.

We will explore and learn each color over a two week period. Although we will work on colors every day, we will dedicate one day a week specifically to a color. On that day, we encourage children to wear the color on a shirt or pants, so we can graph (math skill), sing a song about the color and do different color activities. Color weeks are starting the week of September 11th  and our Color Day will be Wednesday for most weeks. Our first color will be BLUE.

Please send in a family photo as soon as possible, we need it for a project. Thanks J

Important upcoming dates:

September 6- Back to School Night (6PM

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me through email or Classroom DOJO.

Remember to send in sneakers in the backpack if your child is wearing boots, or they may not be able to participate in activities in the motor room. Thank you.

With Friendly regards,

Miss Claudia