Monthly Unit


Dear Parents,                                                                          February 15, 2022


We finished up our winter unit and are moving on to learn about health, exercise, and people and places in our community. Some of the books we will read include Ready Set Brush, Maisy Goes to the Doctor, What’s in Grandma’s Shopping Bag , and a variety of non-fiction books.

We will practice flossing and brushing on our alligator puppet, count teeth, draw ‘cavities’ and brush them away on pretend teeth. We will also learn about the importance of healthy foods and what to do with treats. We will practice sorting and categorizing, and match food to happy/sad teeth. Another big part of this unit is exercise. Games like bowling, yoga, basketball, bean bag toss and movement songs will be part of our daily centers.

We will turn our kitchen into a grocery store where we will focus on turn taking, role playing, exchange of money, and reading a shopping. Our grocery store will have shelves, shopping carts, cash register and ‘real’ food.

Coming soon…

February 16- gray Day

18-21st - No School Presidents’ weekend

February 23- Gray Day

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.

Remember to send in sneakers in the backpack if your child is wearing boots, or they may not be able to participate in activities in the motor room. Thank you.

With Friendly regards,

Miss Claudia