Arrival/ Dismissal Routines

Trumbull Early Childhood Education Center
240 Middlebrooks Avenue
Trumbull, CT. 06611
(203) 452-4422

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

We appreciate your commitment to supporting our safety initiative by adhering
to the procedures outlined below.

• School busses are the only vehicles that may come to the front of the
line. You may not pass a parked school bus.
• Space in line is on a first come basis.  All cars must stay in line
regardless of the time your child’s program begins.  We ask that you plan
accordingly, but do not arrive more than ten minutes in advance of your
child’s start time.
• All programs (Head Start, Special Education, PIP, ELL) will drop-off
and pick-up curbside in front of school. Our building interns or
paraprofessionals will be responsible for obtaining parent signatures from
our Head Start parents.
• For your child’s safety and others at TECEC, you must place your car
in park when your child is being loaded and unloaded and refrain from talking
or texting on your cellular phones. 
• Our staff’s role is to assure each child is safely escorted to their
appropriate location.  During this time, our staff cannot conference with
parents or guardians as their attention must be solely on the children.
• Parents and guardians must bring children into the building, must
provide photo identification, and sign in after our designated arrival times
(8:40 AM and 12:40 PM).
• Full-day Head Start families arriving before 8:15 and after 3:15 must
use the side entrance. Between the hours of 8:15-3:15, you must use the main
• When lining up for arrival and dismissal, we are asking you to
utilize Middlebrooks Ave. in lieu of Church Hill Road. We have found that
entering Middlebrooks Ave. from Church Hill creates a traffic backup that
becomes unsafe. 
• Each child’s guardian was provided with a color-coded name card that
must be placed on the passenger side dashboard in order for us to radio your
arrival to staff in building. Upon notification of your arrival, staff will
safely escort your child to your car. You will be asked to buckle your child
into their car seat. 
• During arrival and dismissal, parking is prohibited on site at the
Trumbull Early Childhood Education Center. Parents must stay in their cars to
await curbside drop-off/pick-up.  In the event you need to enter the building
during this time, you may only park in the Middlebrook School lot and walk
down the hill. Parking is not permitted in the Trumbull Emergency Medical
Services (EMS) parking lot, crosswalks, around the flagpole island, or any
other area not identified as a legal parking spot. 
• If you choose to pick up your child in school rather than utilizing
the curbside dismissal procedures, you must bring your color coded parking
card with you and wait in the foyer. Our staff will bring your child to you
once they view the card.

Please remember, these procedures were carefully designed to protect your
children and that of others. If you have any questions about the procedures,
please feel free to contact the school for clarification.